CAD by Ken, Inc is a sheetmetal detailing service that specializes in ductwork shop drawings, plumbing and HVAC coordination drawings.  Other trades that we detail are electrical items like trays, boxes, and conduits; medical gases; and tilt wall coordination drawings.  Since 2002, we have done many types of new and renovation projects like all levels of schools, hotels, hospitals (bed towers, kitchens, misc), office towers, government, and private projects throughout Florida and beyond.  All trades are drawn in 3D using a 3rd party AutoCAD software package called CADmep+ which is also known as CAD-duct, CAD-mech, and CAD-Elec.  This software facilitates the coordination process by establishing and verifying above ceiling space constraints.  Drawings also include a complete set of schedules for bought items like air devices and fire dampers.  Our complete website will be up soon.  Besides, if it was complete, we wouldn’t have been working on your project.  Please contact us if you have any questions about or would like examples our services.

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